Description: Description ImageUltra is the UNC Chapel Hill on campus imaging solution for Lenovo CCI computers. The CCI images currently available through ImageUltra are compatible with any supported Lenovo CCI model (see Tables below). These images will install the UNC Chapel Hill ImageUltra load to a hidden service partition on the system hard drive. The CCI […]
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ImageUltra Boot CD – How-To
Description: Image Source: Boot CD/USB & UNC Network Image Time: 3 – 4 hours You will need an ImageUltra bootable media, specifically configured for the UNC-CH solution, which you can obtain from This process only works when the computer is connected via ethernet to the UNC Network and is regsitered for DHCP. This will not […]
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How do I troubleshoot Virtual Lab?
Description: I cannot connect to Virtual Lab. I had unsaved data on my virtual application session when I lost connection. How do I retrieve it? I logged off the website and my application closed. I closed out my virtual application and opened it back up, but the data I saved to “Documents” is gone.  I can’t […]
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How do I refresh a Remedy search without rebuilding the query?
Description: In Remedy web tool, on top of the page, Click Searches -> Run Recent and select the latest search query. In Remedy client tool, you do this by selecting View -> Refresh Search within the Request for Service (RFS) or by selecting as a shortcut function key.
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ThinkCentre M91 [0266 UN6 & 0266 UN7 & 0266 UN8]
Description: Table of Contents Specifications More Information Model Type Distributed Between Manufacturer’s Warranty Recovery CD Title 0266 UN6 0266 UN7 0266 UN8 Desktop 5/11 – 11/11, 11/11 – 1/12, 1/12 – 5/12 3 Year On-Site Warranty Image on Hidden partion of hard drive Specifications Hardware Configuration Processor Intel Core i5-2400D 2.5GHz Fixed-Disk 320 GB Serial ATA […]
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How do I change my Remedy client password?
Description: Remedy uses AD authentication to grant access to Remedy. Your Remedy password is your Onyen password. If you want to change your Remedy password you will need to visit the Onyen website at Changing your Onyen password will automatically change your Remedy password as well.
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Remedy 7.6.04 Installation Guide
Description: Remedy 7.6.04  Installation Guide The Remedy Desktop Client is no longer officially supported and will stop functioning under the next version of Remedy. If possible, please use the web client ( instead. First back up all .arr and .arq files if you have saved Macros and reports. Once the new client is installed you can […]
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions in Virtual Labs?
Description: Where can I save data on Virtual Lab? I can’t access my files or save to my local drive while using Virtual Lab.  How do I change the access granted for my local drives? How do I access my files using a file path in programs such as R, SAS, SPSS, M Plus, etc? Which […]
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Technical Support
Description: What do we mean by Technical Support? We mean anything and everything technical, so if you have a technology problem, contact us! The ITS Service Desk is the first point of contact for technical support at UNC Chapel Hill. Our goal is to resolve technical support issues as quickly as possible, preferably on initial contact. […]
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How do I get started with Virtual Lab?
Description: Getting Started in Virtual Lab This start-up guide covers everything you’ll need to start using Virtual Lab including installing the Receiver plug-in, launching an application,  opening/saving files, and printing. Virtual Lab is an easy, intuitive system to use that lets you access programs normally found only in computer labs and libraries on your laptop or […]
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