Clear Remedy User Cache
Description: If you are experiencing errors when opening the “UNC-Request for Service” form from Remedy mid-tier, please follow the steps below to clear your user account cache. Click the “Clear Cache” button, which is located on the bottom right corner of the home page. Click “OK” on the pop up message. The system will log you […]
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How can I check or update the worklog of my Remedy ticket?
Description: This can be done via the web at the Online Help Request Application page. Click on the Log In button and enter your ONYEN and password. Click Open Requests from top menu then click on the ticket number to see status and details for that ticket. When the problem is resolved you will receive an […]
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xMatters Notifications Changes for Remedy Users
Description: Required Security Update Due to security issues with the TLS v1.0 protocol, industry and security professionals have recommended upgrading all communications to use at least TLS v1.1. In accordance, xMatters is disabling TLS v1.0 on July 31st, 2017. This change affects customers using versions of xMatters Integration Agent (IA) that use this insecure protocol. Before […]
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Remedy Migration Changes (Onyen Restricted)
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Remedy Alert End-of-Life and Replaced by xMatters (Onyen Restricted)
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Installing Remedy Desktop Client on Windows
Description: Please keep in mind that BMC is not officially supporting Windows 8 and 10, so there may be undiscovered issues. The Remedy Desktop Client is no longer officially supported and will stop functioning under the next version of Remedy. If possible, please use the web client ( instead. To Install Remedy on: Download the most […]
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Jaspersoft – How to Export/Print Reports
Description: Jaspersoft allows users the ability to export reports in a variety of formats. If you have a need to email or print out any of the reports, the Remedy Team recommends you export to XLSX or PDF. Once you have exported your report you can either print it or email it following your usual steps. Image […]
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Remedy Request for Service New View Key Icons and Overview
Description: To access the New Request for Service View, you must log into Click here for information on supported browsers. You must have a valid Remedy license to access Remedy. This documentation is also available in video form by clicking here. Remedy Home Page – The new RFS view is currently not accessible from the […]
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Remedy Services
Description: The Remedy Services and Development team supports the faculty, staff and students of UNC Chapel Hill in use of the Remedy Action Request System, comprised of customized applications including the UNC-Request for Service (RFS), Computer Repair Center (CRC) application, Group Information (GI), and the Online Help Request (OLHR) application. These applications afford campus technical professionals […]
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Group Data Administrator
Description: Group Data Administrators (GDA’s) are liaisons between the Remedy group and Remedy Services. They maintain certain group-specific data for the group as a whole and make data requests to Remedy Services.   Currently, GDA’s access their group’s data in separate applications: the Categorization Tool and the Group Information Tool. The purpose of the new Group Data […]
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