How do the Field Defaults set when I open the UNC-Request For Service form?
Description: For Client tool, you can show the defaults by selecting Edit > Set To Defaults or pressing Ctrl + u. If you want the defaults to display automatically every time you open the form, go to Tools > Options > Behaviors and select Set Fields to Default Values in the On New section. For Web […]
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How do I refresh a Remedy search without rebuilding the query?
Description: In Remedy web tool, on top of the page, Click Searches -> Run Recent and select the latest search query. In Remedy client tool, you do this by selecting View -> Refresh Search within the Request for Service (RFS) or by selecting as a shortcut function key.
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How do I change my Remedy client password?
Description: Remedy uses AD authentication to grant access to Remedy. Your Remedy password is your Onyen password. If you want to change your Remedy password you will need to visit the Onyen website at Changing your Onyen password will automatically change your Remedy password as well.
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Remedy 7.6.04 Installation Guide
Description: Remedy 7.6.04 ¬†Installation Guide The Remedy Desktop Client is no longer officially supported and will stop functioning under the next version of Remedy. If possible, please use the web client ( instead. First back up all .arr and .arq files if you have saved Macros and reports. Once the new client is installed you can […]
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How do I report on more than one ticket after performing a query in the Request for Service?
Description: After you run a query, the first item is selected by default. Remedy will include in a report only those items that are selected. Make sure that every record you want to include in the report is selected before you open the Reporting window.If you want to include all of the records that the search […]
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How do I view the Macro Bar menu within Request for Service?
Description: Select View and ensure that you have a check beside Macro Bar. Then go to Tools > Options > General and make sure the Search Path is C:\Documents and Settings\”YOUR ONYEN”\Application Data\AR System\HOME\arcmds. This function is only available on remedy client tool.
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Is there a way to pull up tickets that I have recently created or modified without performing a manual search?
Description: Is there a way to pull up tickets that I have recently created or modified without performing a manual search? Using client tool, you are able to do it by going to File > Recent Requests. It is unavailable on Web tool.
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How do I fix a grayed out Application option when exporting a Remedy report to MS Excel?
Description: There are two things that you need to check: 1. Go to Tools > Options > Reports and make sure the Enable Report to Applications option is checked. 2. Look in C:\Program Files\Remedy\Home and see if there is a file called dde.ini. If there isn’t, then you must create it.   Below are the instructions […]
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Problem: Does Remedy secure my password information?
Description: Problem: Does Remedy secure my password information? Remedy does not store the user password and use AREA LDAP plugin to connect to AD to authenticate the user to the remedy.
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How Do I Change My Primary Group in Remedy?
Description: Open the Request for Service form within the Remedy application. Click the Change Primary Group icon¬† from the top of the application, double click on the group or select the group then click ok button to change the primary group. Or selecting UNC > Change Primary Group from the File menu at the top of […]
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