Recording an Automated Attendant
Description: An automated attendant is a unique application that provides menu options to callers. The application can have up to 9 primary options in the menu and then offer submenus and even time of day routing (better known as after hours routing for evening and weekend callers so that they hear a different message from daytime). […]
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Communications Model
Description: The Interdepartmental Fee Committee approved the creation of a new communications fee, effective October 1, 2006. This rate is set at $48.00 per month and will be charged for each University Centrex telephone number. The communications fee establishes a base level of service available to all customers and includes the following base level services: University […]
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Where can I find information about campus telephone features?
Description: To find information on campus telephone features, please go to
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How can I find a phone number for someone in Granville Towers?
Description: Call the Granville Towers operator at 919-370-4500. They will look up the student’s phone number for you.
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