Best practices for use of Skype on the UNC-Chapel Hill network
Description: General Best Practices for Computer Users To ensure safe and secure computing, be sure to follow general best practices. Make sure you have the latest version of an antivirus program and be sure to download and install the latest security patches for your operating system and programs. For more information on securing your computer please […]
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Recording an Automated Attendant
Description: An automated attendant is a unique application that provides menu options to callers. The application can have up to 9 primary options in the menu and then offer submenus and even time of day routing (better known as after hours routing for evening and weekend callers so that they hear a different message from daytime). […]
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Communications Model
Description: The Interdepartmental Fee Committee approved the creation of a new communications fee, effective October 1, 2006. This rate is set at $48.00 per month and will be charged for each University Centrex telephone number. The communications fee establishes a base level of service available to all customers and includes the following base level services: University […]
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Where can I find information about campus telephone features?
Description: To find information on campus telephone features, please go to
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How can I find a phone number for someone in Granville Towers?
Description: Call the Granville Towers operator at 919-370-4500. They will look up the student’s phone number for you.
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