Enabling Single Sign-on (SSO) Authentication on www.unc.edu
Description: Information Technology Services (ITS) has enabled the University’s single sign-on (SSO) functionality on the www.unc.edu servers.  This allows content owners to enable access controls for their web pages based on Onyen authentication.  This document will outline the basic steps for enabling SSO on web content hosted on www.unc.edu.  Requirements Your web site/web pages are hosted on […]
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WordPress: WEBdotUNC
Description: Self-Service Web Publishing Web.unc.edu is a web publishing service that allows anyone with an Onyen to create their own website at no charge. The service runs on the WordPress platform, so it’s easy to use yet offers powerful features and functionality. All websites are hosted on enterprise-level hardware and supported by ITS Digital Services. Documentation […]
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WWW Cluster Technical Details (Onyen Restricted)
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www cluster – how to use the test system (Onyen Restricted)
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Redirecting UNC web sites
Description: Why would I want a redirect? You are moving your site (from www.unc.edu to sites.unc.edu) and want to send traffic to the new site automatically. You would like a shorter address for your site. Where is my website hosted? If  your site’s address starts with http://www.unc.edu, it is on the www.unc.edu servers. See the instructions […]
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Web Accessibility
Description: UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to providing a usable, functional Web experience for all users. Nothing in the design or programming should impede the ability of users to navigate and access content.  The University’s homepage, www.unc.edu, was created with several features designed to make it accessible, and they are described in the next section on Tips […]
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How to enable a Directory Listing on a webserver?
Description: On Friday August 24, 2012, ITS will turned off the directory listing as the default setting on the www.unc.edu webserver configuration. The impact of this change is that the public_html directories underneath www.unc.edu or aliased by www.unc.edu, that DO NOT have an index.html or index.htm files will no longer display a listing of the directory […]
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Viewing ESPN 3 at UNC
Description: Watch ESPN is an online service which allows you to watch scheduled sports events live.  ESPN provides the service for free to “.EDU” customers for the ESPN 3 streams only!  In other words, a game or show on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U will not work on-campus unless you have your own login for another […]
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Putting Your Page on the Web
Description: Note: The web.unc.edu service is now the preferred method for publishing personal and group websites at UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more at http://web.unc.edu. Table of Contents Before You Begin UNC World Wide Web Servers Getting Started Using SSH/SFTP Secure Shell Transferring Files Using Fetch UNIX and AFS Commands for File Management Controlling Access to Your Files […]
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How do I register a domain name that is outside of the UNC domain
Description: For information about registering a domain name that is outside the UNC domain, visit http://help.unc.edu/help/registering-a-non-unc-domain-name/.
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