Redirecting UNC web sites
Description: Why would I want a redirect? You are moving your site (from to and want to send traffic to the new site automatically. You would like a shorter address for your site. Where is my website hosted? If  your site’s address starts with, it is on the servers. See the instructions […]
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How to enable a Directory Listing on a webserver?
Description: On Friday August 24, 2012, ITS will turned off the directory listing as the default setting on the webserver configuration. The impact of this change is that the public_html directories underneath or aliased by, that DO NOT have an index.html or index.htm files will no longer display a listing of the directory […]
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Viewing ESPN 3 at UNC
Description: Watch ESPN is an online service which allows you to watch scheduled sports events live.  ESPN provides the service for free to “.EDU” customers for the ESPN 3 streams only!  In other words, a game or show on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U will not work on-campus unless you have your own login for another […]
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How do I register a domain name that is outside of the UNC domain
Description: For information about registering a domain name that is outside the UNC domain, visit
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Web Authoring: Forms and Counters with Mailform
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Creating Forms Using mailform Input Types Form Submission A Sample of HTML File Reserved Variables Design Your Own Output Delimited Output File About onyen and /o/n/onyen Getting the Path Controlling Automated Spam mailform Troubleshooting Tips and Reminders Adding a Counter to Your Page Introduction This tutorial covers the use of forms […]
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I set up my web page but I get an “Access denied” when I try to view it from my web browser. What’s wrong?
Description:   I set up my web page but I get an “Access denied” when I try to view it from my web browser. What’s wrong? You most likely have a permissions problem. Permissions are set differently between UNIX and the AFS file system. You will need to add the group atn:webhosts to the ACL of […]
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Putting Group Pages on the UNC Web
Description: Note: The service is now the preferred method for publishing personal and group websites at UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more at About this Document This document is intended for people who are preparing group web pages. A “group” might be a department, administrative unit, student organization, or campus-wide project. To make files available, you […]
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Page Styling with CSS
Description: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) After working with HTML for a while it’s not unusual to become frustrated with the limitations placed upon you by the code: links must be underlined; font types on text can only be controlled with long font tags; all lines must be horizontal; and maybe most significantly, spacing options […]
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What Java services does ITS support?
Description: Introduction ITS supports Java 1.4 development and implementation using the Tomcat Servlet/JSP container. Tomcat is the servlet container used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. It is offered as a standalone servlet container or with the Apache Cocoon XML publishing framework. The Tomcat web server is great for […]
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How do I get webspace for my student organization?
Description: Go to the Student Organization Group ID Requests site, fill in the requested information, and then submit the form.
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