Protect Documentation
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Restrict access to web pages Edit restriction View restriction status Remove restriction Other Introduction The web server hosting your website has a configuration file that contains are large number of directives. These directives are standard and largely control the way the outside world accesses your website. There may be times that […]
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CGI Access
Description: Table of Contents Internet Introduction Departmental CGI Access Table 1. ScriptAliases and AFS Paths Personal CGI Access How to Use the Service Special Notes/Troubleshooting Internet Introduction The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a specification that allows an executable program on a web server to interact with a user’s browser. The common uses of CGI programs […]
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Script Failures In Personal cgi-bins
Description: A personal cgi-bin allows any user on the UNC campus to run php or Perl scripts. To sign up for a personalized cgi-bin, click on the Suscribe to services button at One of the most common causes of failure for scripts in a personal cgi-bin is caused when a person first composes the code […]
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SSL and web-based communications
Description: Why should I use a digital certificate when transmitting data over the Internet? A digital certificate may provide a number of advantages over traditional “clear-text” communications. Digital certificates permit SSL encryption when sending e-mail or uploading data onto a server and thereby enhance the security of the transmitted content. If a digital certificate is set […]
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Registering a Non-UNC Domain Name
Description: In order to register a domain name (.com or .org or .net) on a system using the UNC-Chapel Hill DNS services,
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Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden Error when I visit my webpage?
Description: Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden Error when I visit my webpage? This error message means that there are problems with the permissions on your webpage. Most likely the problem is that the webserver does not have permission to view your page. 1. Connect to using SSH on your laptop or PC with […]
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